Austin, TX


Finding a reliable roofing service becomes paramount in a region known for its unpredictable weather patterns and harsh climatic conditions. Fortunately, for residents of Austin, TX, and its surrounding areas, CMC Roofing offers top-quality roofing services. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and a team of highly skilled professionals, CMC Roofing has emerged as the go-to provider in this region. 

With extensive experience in the industry, we specialize in repairing and installing roofs that provide protection and aesthetics to your home. We are excited to announce our expansion to Austin, TX, and surrounding areas of Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown!

What You Can Expect from CMC Roofing 

  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Safety measures strictly observed
  • Roofing services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing and warranty

At CMC Roofing, we understand the importance of having top-notch roofing contractors. Our team comprises experienced, skilled professionals who value integrity, honesty, and quality work. Our knowledge of the latest roofing materials and techniques allows us to create the perfect solution for your home improvement requirements. 

Roofing work can be dangerous, so we prioritize safety in our operations. We implement industry-standard safety protocols and ensure the use of high-quality safety equipment and tools. Our staff is trained on various safety measures, including fall protection, electrical safety, and lifting techniques, guaranteeing a safe and secure work environment. 

We offer many roofing services, including shingle, metal, flat, tile, and commercial roofing. Our team handles everything from installations, repairs, and replacements to maintenance and emergency repairs. Our crew also accommodates custom roofing services to cater to your unique roofing solutions. 

As a customer-focused roofing company, CMC Roofing ensures your needs get met throughout the roofing process. Our staff is ready to assist you with site inspections, consultations, and estimates. We’re always available to answer any questions about our services, pricing, warranties, and insurance. 

Quality roofing services should be affordable. Hence, we offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. We also provide warranties for all our services. You can rest assured that your investment is worth every penny.

CMC Roofing is committed to providing top-quality roofing services to homeowners in Austin, TX, and its surrounding areas of Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Georgetown. Our dedication to exceptional workmanship, combined with our extensive experience, set us apart. By consistently delivering reliable and durable roofing solutions, CMC Roofing has become the preferred choice in Austin, TX, and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a minor repair or a complete roof replacement, customers can rely on CMC Roofing to provide top-quality services. Contact us today for a free estimate.