Why You Should Consider Skylights In Your Home

Why You Should Consider Skylights In Your Home

Key Takeaways

  • Skylights add more natural light to your home, greatly improving mood and productivity.
  • Installing skylights will create better ventilation inside your home and aid air circulation.
  • A house with skylights has a high resale value as they are attractive to buyers for their aesthetic and functional qualities. 
  • Skylights offer more privacy as they replace windows, which often compromise privacy. Hence, bathrooms and bedrooms would greatly benefit from skylights.
  • If you install walkable skylights, you will extend the usable space in your home and create an entertainment area.

If a home has skylights, you always notice them first. That’s the appeal of skylights; they demand attention and elevate the whole house. They better the aesthetics, and roof windows offer many more benefits, such as energy saving and a better-ventilated environment. 

Read on to learn why you should consider skylights in your home, including the different types and how they’ll completely transform your home! 

Why You Should Consider Skylights in Your Home 

Other than noticing a change in your visual environment, skylights also offer many health benefits. Roof windows increase the quality of your life in many aspects, not just aesthetics. 

More Natural Light 

Skylights allow more sunlight into your home and let in natural light all day. Natural light is a sustainable form of energy and does wonders for a person’s mood. Henceforth, having  more exposure to it can positively affect your well-being and productivity. 

Most homeowners worry about skylights letting in too much light, but that’s not true. Roof windows can block light from outside at night time to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. 

Better Air Ventilation 

While skylights in the living room and kitchen add a unique design element, they also aid air circulation. We recommend putting in vented skylights in rooms that experience high levels of humidity, like bathrooms and laundry rooms. In conclusion, opening the roof windows generates a flow of air that can ventilate cooking smells, smoke, and moisture.

Increase Resale Value 

Another reason to consider skylights in your home is to boost their resale value. Buyers are drawn to the presence of natural light in a home. Therefore, fitting leak-proof skylights to increase the home’s energy efficiency can entice buyers even more. 

The installation of skylights usually costs homeowners between $900 and $2,000. However, it is tough to calculate the precise ROI of a skylight because installation costs, the number of skylights, and the state of the housing market can all vary significantly.

Energy Savings 

Long-term energy savings is one of the best reasons to consider skylights in your home. Skylights usually contain an insulating film that enables natural light to filter in for a while, reducing heat transfer into the house. This results in fewer electric lights being required during the day and more natural light filling the room.

Moreover, skylights increase energy savings by enhancing air circulation in the house. This helps with cross ventilation in stuffy rooms and quickly cools down your living space without relying on excessive air conditioning.

More Privacy 

Relying solely on windows for natural light can compromise your privacy, as people can see inside your home even with window treatments when the windows are open. However, installing skylights on your roof can increase privacy while still allowing natural light to come in. Hence, this  works best for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is essential.

Extends Usable Space 

When you consider skylights in your home, you’re creating the possibility of using the upper deck of your home as an entertainment area. Walkable skylights comply with building code regulations, permitting people to stand or walk on them. Consequently, you can expand your home’s available space and maximize every corner. 

Types of Skylights 

Not every skylight is created equal. Some types of skylights may suit your home better than others, so it’s best to stay informed. 

Roof Windows 

As the name suggests, these are located on the roof and open with a pivoting mechanism, as most windows do. Some roof windows are also designed to be walkable, which means they are strong enough to support people walking on them. Therefore, a feature such as this can be particularly useful for creating a rooftop terrace or using your roof as an outdoor living space. 

Tubular Skylights 

This option works best for those considering skylights in their home but only have a little space to work with. Such tubular skylights  use a reflective tube to channel sunlight from the roof into a room. 

These skylights are usually smaller than traditional skylights, with diameters ranging from about 10 to 20 inches, and are designed to be installed in areas where conventional skylights may not be feasible due to space or construction limitations.

Tubular skylights are known for their ability to bring natural light into spaces that may otherwise be dark such as hallways and closets. In addition, they  are also known for their energy efficiency, as they can significantly reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Solar Skylights 

Solar-powered skylights offer the same perks as roof windows, with the added advantage of light and heat control. They have sensors that can open and close the skylight based on weather conditions. 

Some solar skylights also have additional features such as remote controls, built-in blinds, and rain sensors. Remote controls allow you to open and close the skylight from a distance, while built-in blinds provide additional privacy and light control.

Rain sensors automatically close the skylight when it detects rainfall, preventing water from entering the home.


Every homeowner’s priority is to maximize their living space and make it more breathable. This especially applies to those who live in dry and humid climates, but skylights are a good idea for every weather. Along with making a space look bigger, you can save up on electricity and extend your space if you install a walkable skylight. 

We at CMC Construction offer the best roofing services, including skylight installation and solar panel installation. You can also book a free roof inspection if you are unsure about making changes to your home. 

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